Buy backlinks. Increase the effect of your new linkbuilding strategy

Everyone knows that the best traffic which sells your products or services came from the search engines. Also called organic traffic, it helps your business and keeps you at the top of the wave. But how to provide our website such kind of web traffic. The answer is simple, you need Search Engine optimization for your website.

First of all you have to build your strategy for website optimization in order to achieve good results. Where to start from? Of course, from the content. After we have built the structure of our website (design, system, domain name, hosting etc.) we have to think about its content. Website content have to provide our users, useful and well structured information. We have to check if our website have unique content at some of the content check tools. If you have trouble with finding or writing your website content, do not worry. There are lots of unique content providers online who will do this task for you.

After we have nice, well structured website we can start its offpage optimization. At the scheme below you can find our new linkbuilding strategy. In the step before we have done the first part of our link building strategy graphic (main website) so now we have to move to the next step when we have to build unique articles and buy backlinks. Link buidling strategy

We have our main website build and we have to start our link building strategy now. First of all we need at about 50-60 unique articles based on our targeted keyword. We can write our articles by ourselves or we can outsource it to unique content provider company. When we have our articles ready it is time to spread it to most popular article site in order to get live links from them. Do not add more than one live link in your articles. It will waste the effect of the link building. So we have article with links in it and it is time to buy backlinks for them and bookmark it.

When we have our articles written, published and online, it is time to start the last part of our link building strategy. We have to build backlinks for our articles and bookmark them. How we can do that? The best and the most efficient way to establish such kind of link building campaign is to buy backlinks. Why we have to buy backlinks, when we can build it by ourselves? Yes, this is good question buy just think about a moment. We have 50 articles, we have to build at least 500 backlinks for each so it is around 25 000 backlinks, so we have to found sources for such a great number of backlinks. Yes if we have plenty of time we can try it by ourselves but in such a dynamic world the best way is to oursource this task and buy backlinks.

Another important part is bookmarking the articles. For this task we can use some of the major bookmarking websites and place the link to our articles there. Do not try to bookmark all the articles at once at one website. The result will be ban for your account and loss of all your backlinks from there.

When we have already our main website built, our articles published, our backlinks built and the bookmarking of the articles has been finished, it is time for the last operation of our link building strategy. The backlinks for the main website. Here we can also use the service of link building company and just to buy backlinks for our main website. The reasonable number for main website backlinks is about one thousand backlinks. Do not worry about the number. The search engines will not index all your backlinks at once so this operation will not hurt for main website.